Where is the College/School premises located?

The college/school is situated just off NH#17, otherwise known as the 'Hosur Road', very close to Bangalore's IT Hub - "Electronic city".

The college/school premises is the site for clinical training for all the students,as well as the location of the college/school of Nursing. A copy of “prospectus”,which provides detailed information about many other activities, particularly regarding the college, is available on payment of Rs.500/- from the college/school.

 What is the College’s /School working hours?

Working hours are generally 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Saturday, though these may vary depending on assignment.

More information on arrival in India.

Once you arrive at an International airport in India, be sure to complete any business you may have such as exchanging currency, and making any necessary telephone calls, before you exit the airport complex. If you are continuing your journey on a domestic airline, you may have to travel some distance to the domestic airport (both in Delhi and Mumbai [Bombay], for example) or arrange for an overnight lodging.

Quite a number of airlines serve BANGALORE, and it may be useful to check before finalizing your travel plans. Some of the arrival timings are quite late in the day, Flight safety regulations are currently very strict. It is essential that your check with yours airline as to the up to date regulations regarding size and content of hand baggage that may be taken on board the aircraft and size and weight of baggage to be put in the hold. Allow plenty of time to complete immigration procedures before boarding the aeroplane.

Is it necessary to foriegn nationals to register with the INDIAN GOVERNMENT Authorities?

The Indian Government has established regulations for the registration of foreign visitors. These regulations may or may not be applicable in your situation, and of course they are subject to change. IN YOUR INITIAL CONFERENCE WITH THE ADMINISTRATOR IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU COMPLETE THE POLICE REGISTRATION. SIMILAR REGISTERS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE AT THE GUEST HOUSES, AND PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE. You will need to provide 1 passport size photograph and 1 photocopy each of the main page of your passport and of your India visa.

How do I travel to the college/school when I reach Bangalore?

You will probably arrive at Bangalore, the International airport in Bangalore, before proceeding to Chinai. If you wish to rest before coming to college you are advised to pre-book a guest room. The administrator will be able to pre-book on your request. There are several excellent hotels in the city to which you may take a courtesy van, airport bus, or taxi. Near the airport is the leela palace, which you may telephone for a courtesy car.

The telephone number is - 0091-80-2573 0954, email: info@chinainursing.net.  If you are planning to take a taxi from the airport to your hotel it is advisable to get a pre-paid taxi, for which you pay at the pre-paid taxi office, before you exit the airport building.

How easy is travel within Bangalore?

Sketch maps in this guide will help you find your way round the College/school campus. Be particularly careful to avoid over-exposure to the sun and keep up your fluid intake, especially in summer.

Bangalore city covers an area of approximately 6km radius from the college/school, so if you are going out, take a ride instead of a walk. Transportation is cheap and the weather is usually hot.
In addition to BMTC buses (public buses) identified by the numbers 356 and 360 ply frequently between the city and College/school during the day and until about 10.30 p.m. The bommanhalli stop is at the intersection of Begur Road and the road to electronic city. Local transportation also includes auto-rickshaws, taxis, bicycles, cycle rickshaws. It is best to agree upon the fare before starting out, and no tip will be expected.

What is the Local Language frequently used in Bangalore?

Kannada is the language spoken by most of the people in karnataka, although other indian languages are also commonly heard in Bangalore (Hindi – the national language, Malayalam, Telugu,for instance). English is the medium of instruction in the Institution and Bangalore.

About the Institute:

The Chinai college/school of nursing was formed by the coming together of professionals in nursing fields to espouse a noble cause of providing quality education in the area of nursing.

College Location:

Living in Bangalore is one of the Finest experience and the credit goes to the receptive and hospitable culture of the people here. As the name goes Bangalore as garden city has lots of parks and public gardens which dot the city and makes it the city with the finest climates. The Chinai college/school is located in Bommanhalli on the Chinai college road. The approximate distance from Bangalore Bus station i.e. Majestic and from the Central Railway station is 6 Kms. The proximity to the airport is 13 Kms.

Education Facility:

Co-education: Chinai college/school of nursing provides the co-education in nursing field as making male as well as female nurses.

Hostel Facility:

Separate hostel facility is available for both Men & Women in the vicinity of College/school. Food is prepared in a mechanized kitchen in hygienic atmosphere by the diffrent regional cooks. Menu caters to region wise and culture wise such as nepali food,bhutani food,south indian food, north indian food etc.

Sending & Receiving Mail
By and large mail delivery is reliable by air mail and local letters. If you expect to receive mail, you should use one of the following addresses:
Chinai Institute of Nursing Sciences,
Bommanhalli, Bangalore,
Karnataka, India
C/O The Principal’s Office
Chinai Institute of Nursing Sciences,    
Bommanhalli, Bangalore.      

If you send packages, you may wish to use a courier service or speed post, which are somewhat more expensive but reliable. Tailors can also stitch and seal a package for mailing. There are branch post offices at bommanhalli,and they are open every day, except Sundays and holidays.The main post office in the centre of Bangalore, provides a 24-hour service.

International Telephone Calls

ISD (International Subscriber Dialling),
STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialling)
PCO (Public Call Office).

International and National calls can be made from ISD and STD booths or offices. On the College/school, all types of calls can be made from the  telephone booth situated at  reception or from the telephone booth outside. The booths can be used 12 hours a day, seven days a week,and payment made to the booth operator when the call is completed.

All the hostels and imprortant points of college/school is interconneted by the extension so that students or teachers can be easily accessbile on a call.

Internet & Email Facilities

Internet access is available as part of the library services of the Institution. Visitors are required to sign in and to pay a fee for this service. Facilities are available to use the Internet on payment at numerous café around the city. Hostels and reading rooms also has a computer with internet connection for the use of students.

E-mail facility is available. It would be greatly appreciated if you would use the e-mail facilities for personal mail only after the official working hours.  


What is the clothing code in the college?

The dress code for students is formal. Suits and ties are not worn. Men generally wear short-sleeved shirts, long trousers, and shoes. Women appear more comfortable in dresses like salwar kameez, or churidar or sarees. Clean, neat and tidy dressing when visiting the clinical areas is essential. Shorts, T-shirts, or other revealing garments are not acceptable. Students should wear white coats during clinicals. Cotton garments are generally more comfortable than synthetics. Bangalore has average temperature in summer and only slightly cooler in winter. It is called as air conditioner city of India. . You will need a light jacket or sweater only occasionally.

Fabric shops and tailoring establishments abound, and clothes can be cut and stitched to size quickly at reasonable cost. Shoes and sandals are quite inexpensive and can be purchased ready made or on order.

ID Card :

ID cards will be issued to all the students after admission. The Card will be valid only if it is duly signed by the Principal with his/her seal for current academic year only. The students will be allowed to enter the college premises, only on production of his/her card. In case ID card is lost, it should be brought to the notice of the Principal, then a duplicate will be issued on payment of fees.

Community programme

Breast Feeding Week Celebration
Breast feeding week was celebrated during the month of August. On behalf of the college on August 11th a health education programme and role play on the importance and techniques of breast feeding was presented by II year B.Sc (N) students in the Begur community area to create awarness on importance of breast feeding.

AIDS day celebration
AIDS day was celebrated on December 1st 2008. On behalf of the college a programme was organized in the Begur community area by the 3rd B.Sc (N) students gathered the public in the Begur Primary Health Centre and in the Begur Community area presented a role play on the spread of AIDS and its prevention to create awarness among the people

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